Guides: Starting out

You’re growing your idea into a viable business: bringing in new employees and ready for a professional environment. You’re at the launch stage of operations. And business has a positive outlook.

Here’re the top 5 priorities to consider for your startup’s office space:

#1 Convenience

Everyone on your team has to get to work, get lunch, get to clients, airport and home - easily and quickly.

Convenience saves time. And time is money. Convenience fosters employee engagement.

#2 Flexibility

For businesses starting out, it’s all about “Flexibility! Flexibility! Flexibility!”

Flexibility of Location: you may want to work from different locations. Eg: a “back office” outside of CBD and partial use of cowering and meeting rooms in the CBD.

Flexibility of Duration: Your business may look very different every 6 months. As an early stage business, get a lease of 6/ 9/ 12 months. Give your business the option of discounts with “chunk rentals” (6 months and up) and the option of early termination without penalties.

Flexibility of Size: Pick a space that allows you to grow within the space, or portfolio of spaces or within the building. Ask for a “no penalty” consideration as you scale up or down, with some notice period. Some of the coworking and serviced offices on GorillaSpace allow you to scale up and down without penalties, within their portfolio of spaces, or if they could not accommodate your growth/ requests.

#3 Efficiency

Businesses at this stage need an efficient environment that promotes productivity but doesn’t break the bank.

So, what’s efficient for you? Here are a few considerations:

  • Comfortable chairs (c’mon – you’re working long hours!)
  • Size of tables (Do you need space for 2 monitors? Adjustable tables?)
  • Lighting (Are you squinting?)
  • Meeting rooms and breakout areas for brainstorming, phone calls
  • Do you need a receptionist to sort your mail and receive packages?

#4 Identity

Having the right address can help to legitimise your business, your brand.

Would you be receiving clients and partners? What kind of image do you want them to have?

How are the toilets?

#5 Networking

Every new business has a different need for networking. Spaces are geared to different levels for:

  • Networking (for partnerships, business)
  • Learning (learning new skills)
  • No fuss, head-down time to work
  • Support to kick-start your business

You define the level of social connectivity you need for your business. Do you need head-down time to work? Do you need to network?